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Old Trading Community

The Trading Community for Photographs TCG.

Photographs TCG Trading Community
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Thank you for deciding to use this trading community! The rules are simple so make sure to follow them!

01. Make sure to TAG your posts with the DECKS YOU ARE LOOKING FOR. This way when someone wants to get rid of a card, they can find someone who might need it and therefore both people can benefit! (format to tag is 'deck: deck name')

02. Make sure to link your card post in your entry so people know where to go to look for cards!

03. You can make as many posts as you want, just don't spam the community for every little thing. If your post is still on the front page, please edit that one and say you did so in the post so people know! If you post is not on the front page feel free to make another one.

04. Be polite, and have respect for others.

05. If there are any problems, PM dearmykeysx!